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    2013 World Automobile Auctioneers Championship

    Added 32 months ago

    Condensed from the full day of competition on April 5, 2013, from the Alliance Auto Auction in Waco, Texas. Produced by NIADA.TV, and sponsored by Adesa, Manheim, Alliance Auto Auction, World Wide College of Auctioneering, and NIADA.

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    First and Goal: Becoming a Champion in Life and Business

    Added 29 months ago

    Enjoy this NIADA convention keynote presentation by Barry Switzer, former head football coach for the University of Oklahoma and the Dallas Cowboys, National College Football hall of Fame inductee, and a partner in Edmund, Oklahoma's Auto Option. Don't miss this game plan session and how his philosophy has made him the successful businessman he is today.

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    OUTRAGED: The "Taking Out" of America's Dealers

    Added 46 months ago

    Tamara Darvish, vice president of DARCARS, discusses her new book, "Outraged." When GM and Chrysler were in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, many dealers lost their franchises. Find out why the "taking out" of America's hometown car dealers impacts not only dealers, but also automotive remarketers.

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    Distracted Driving - A Rapidly Growing Epidemic

    Added 52 months ago

    This presentation covers the history and rapid adoption of mobile communications technology and its impact on traffic safety, the science of driver distraction, and how mobile device use while driving degrades driver performance.

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    Forecast of Automotive Trends

    Added 45 months ago

    This address provides a forecast of current and emerging automotive trends in the retail and wholesale markets. Presented by Tom Loveless, KIA Motors America.

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    AutoZones's NEW Duralast Gold Brake Pads

    Added 46 months ago

    Rev up your revenue and get up to speed with many of AutoZone's newest product and service offerings available only to NIADA Members. In this episode, learn all about the new and dramatically improved Duralast Gold Brake Pads, and AutoZone's industry leading 100% Noise Free Guarantee on all Duralast Brake Pad parts and labor.

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    Energy's Role in Securing America's Defense

    Added 26 months ago

    Energy's Role in Securing America's Defense: How Do Shifts in Oil Production and Consumption Impact America's Global Energy Posture?

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    The Future of Vehicle Engineering and Maintenance

    Added 25 months ago

    The world of automotive engineering is moving forward at the fastest pace ever. New technologies make our vehicles smarter, safer, more fuel efficient, and more fun to drive. Learn about the newest innovations in the market today, and what to expect in the near future.

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    AutoZone's Battery Tester Program

    Added 47 months ago

    Rev up your revenue and get up to speed with many of AutoZone's newest product and service offerings available only to NIADA Members.

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    NIADA.TV's Automotive Industry News #28

    Added 59 months ago

    A regularly-appearing automotive industry news magazine program - produced by the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA).

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