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Recognition Awards

National Quality Dealer of the Year

National Quality Dealer of the YearThe NIADA National Quality Dealer of the Year Award is given annually to one Member Dealer for outstanding service to the industry and his/her community.

Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor AwardThe “Ring of Honor” award is given annually to an allied industry executive who, through outstanding performance and leadership has contributed to the professionalism and growth of the automobile industry.

Crystal Eagle Award

Crystal Eagle AwardNIADA developed the Crystal Eagle Award on January 1, 2000 to reward those who recruit 100 or more new members to their association within a 24 month period. The Crystal Eagle Award signifies a drive to increase association membership and connect with others. Additional criteria for this accolade are listed under the Eagle Award. 

Congratulations to the 2013 Crystal Eagle Awards recipients:
Florida Terry Myers - Florida Auto Dealer School


Kimberly New - Style Auto Brokers
Dennis Pope - Peoples Financial-Mableton
Glen Reeves - Reeves Insurance Agency


Eagle Award

Eagle Award

The NIADA Eagle Award continues to be a coveted award, given annually to qualifying membership producers in each state. To qualify, you must sign at least 20 new members during a twelve month period. The program stands for the member who excels above the rest and is key to his/her association growth. It is customary to present this honor during a State Association event.

Eagle Award Qualifications:

1) The recipient must be a dealer or associate member in good standing of NIADA engaged in the business of buying and selling motor vehicles or allied industry provider.

2) The recipient must first qualify by signing up a minimum of twenty (20) new dealer memberships within the calendar year of qualification.

3) Each state is entitled to multiple Eagle Award winners as long as the member fulfills the above requirements.

4)  It shall be the responsibility of the State Association to submit to NIADA the name of the qualifying recipient(s) and a list of qualifying new members signed by the recipient(s).

Each state determines whether the competition runs on a calendar year or an annual convention schedule.

The competition may run January 1 - December 31 of each year. The state is asked to submit the names of their recipients by January 31 of the year following the competition term.
The competition may run year to year, from NIADA's or the State Association's Annual Convention, depending on when they are held. The state is asked to submit the names of their winners at least 4 weeks prior to the presentation date.

For members that sign up between 5 and 19 members in a twelve-month period, NIADA presents them with an Eagle Certificate to recognize and support their ongoing efforts to connect more new dealers with their state association.

State Association Executive of the Year
State Association Executive of the Year AwardThe State Association Executive of the Year award is given by the Association Executives Council to an executive in recognition of outstanding services to his/her association.

  • 2012 - Debbie Andersen - Indiana IADA
  • 2011 - Jim Mitchell - Ohio IADA
  • 2008 - Adam Jones - Utah IADA
  • 2007 - Phil Zulli - Pennsylvania IADA
  • 2006 - Jan Merritt - Nebraska IADA
  • 2005 - Larry Peters - Florida IADA
  • 2004 - Jim Robinson - Montana IADA
  • 2003 - Theresa Gamble - Washington IADA
  • 2002 - Al Lentsch - Northland IADA
  • 2001 - Wayne Jones - Utah IADA
  • 2000 - Lois Keenan - Virginia IADA
  • 1999 - Rose Morgan - Oklahoma IADA
  • 1998 - Nancy Chapman - Michigan IADA
  • 1997 - Tony Wilkerson - Alabama IADA
  • 1996 - Bob Corbett - Georgia IADA
  • 1995 - Jerry Fay - Colorado IADA
  • 1994 - Odell Morgan - Oklahoma IADA
  • 1993 - Mike Linn - Carolinas IADA / NIADA
  • 1992 - David Berkstresser - Arizona IADA
  • 1991 - Wanda Wahus - Oregon IADA
  • 1990 - David Boling - Virginia IADA
  • 1989 - Fred Hagan - Florida IADA
State Association Executive Hall of Fame

State Association Executive Hall of FameThe State Association Executive Hall of Fame award is an esteemed honor for the selected individual. Inductees are selected by their peers for going beyond the call of duty, exceeding expectations while maintaining the highest standards. This recognition is not given year after year, but rather only when a State Association Executive delivers  an exceedingly high caliber performance on a continual basis, all for the good of the association and the used motor vehicle industry.

  • 2007 - Jerry Fay - Colorado IADA
  • 2002 - Odell Morgan - Oklahoma IADA
  • 1994 - Wanda Wahus - Oregon IADA
  • 1990 - George Konrad - Colorado IADA