National Independent Automobile Dealers Association
Serving Quality Independent Automobile Dealers Since 1946
Michigan Independent Automobile Dealers Association National Independent Automobile Dealers Association
MIADA-NIADA Membership Dues (1 year membership) - $250

The Michigan and National Independent Automobile Dealers Associations are working together to ensure that you and the automotive industry have the necessary representation in Lansing and Washington D.C.

When you become a member of your state and national associations you will become among the first to be notified when important automotive industry legislative and regulatory changes take place. Each association also offers an array of member benefits and services which are designed to save you time and money. Some of these are listed below.

  • VIP auction discount card good on buy and/or sell fees at participation auctions
  • Credit bureau report discounts
  • Automotive form discounts
  • Experienced staff to answer questions and help you succeed 
  • Certified pre-owned program
  • Health & life insurance savings
  • Garage liability insurance savings
  • Annual convention & expo
  • And much more!

Make your voice be heard. Join today!

All members must agree to abide by the following

Code of Ethics:

  • We will have a general duty of integrity, honor and fair dealing toward the general public.
  • We will comply with all city, county, state and federal laws and shall endeavor to keep ourselves informed of those laws governing our business.
  • We will not intentionally injure the business reputation of another member or competitor.
  • We will employ truth and accuracy in advertising and selling.
  • We will stand behind any guarantee given with the sale of a motor vehicle.
  • We will not perform any act which would bring disrepute to the motor vehicle industry.
  • We will expose or halt, where found, any scheme designed to deceive or defraud the automobile buying public and aid in prosecuting those guilty of such acts.
  • We will constantly strive to improve business methods to the end that the public will be better served.
  • We will encourage the American system of free enterprise.