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    Added 56 months ago

    Is your inventory a "crap shoot?" A perfect inventory is not about luck. It's about knowing how to use YOUR numbers to stock your lot. This panel presentation was presented at the NIADA National Convention in Las Vegas. Panelists include: Michael Darrow and Laurie Kann, Certified Master Dealers; Bob Tarr, SmartAuction, and Tim Zierden, Adesa. Moderated by Joe Lescota, Northwood University.

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    Added 53 months ago

    Social media is perhaps the biggest game-changer in the business world since the World Wide Web itself. Learn how this new marketing platform is impacting your dealership right now. Whether you take advantage of it (and you can!) is up to you. Presented by Keith Whann, NIADA General Counsel.

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    Drivers Share Worldwide Parking Woes

    Added 48 months ago

    IBM's first parking survey found that drivers in 20 international cities face a daily struggle in finding a parking space. In the past year, nearly six out of 10 drivers have abandoned their search for a space at least once, and more than a quarter have gotten into an argument with a fellow motorist over a parking space.

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    Where Does the Remarketing Industry Go from Here?

    Added 43 months ago

    As CEO of Manheim, the world's largest auction company, Sandy Schwartz presents his perspective of current and future trends in the remarketing industry. Recorded at the 2012 Conference of Automotive Remarketing in Las Vegas.

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    Added 61 months ago

    If you're interested in the latest industry trends, this session is for you. Join Al Lentsch, Northland Auto Enterprises, and Joe Zawatski, North Coast Auto Sales, for this examination of the new "RENT TO OWN" approach to auto dealership profits. Introduction by Sandra Moss. From the 2010 NIADA Convention in Las Vegas.

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    What is the Future of Multi-Platform Selling - Remarketing

    Added 31 months ago

    There is a remarketing trend to move toward a multi-platform selling environment. What impact will this have on the future of automotive remarketing in the wholesale market? Will the technology evolve to allow cross-bidding?

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    Letting the Web Work for You

    Added 63 months ago

    A properly designed web site means more visibility and more hits with less work and less expense on your part. Auto Search Technology's Michael D. Jackson shares valuable information for achieving online success. From the 2010 NIADA Convention in Las Vegas.

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    Car Fax Best Practices

    Added 63 months ago

    Jay Luna, CARFAX Process Improvement Manager, provides details on how dealers can use CarFax vehicle history reports to sell more cars.

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    Added 62 months ago

    John McElroy is host of the long-running "Autoline Detroit" television program, covering all aspects of the automotive industry. In this presentation, McElroy provides a thorough and insightful review of where we've been, where we now are, and where our industry is headed. Taped at the Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association's Annual Conference.

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    Improve Efficiency with Electronic Ordering - AutoZone

    Added 50 months ago

    Welcome to AutoZone's A-to-Z Video Education Series. Rev up your revenue and get up to speed with many of AutoZone's newest product and service offerings available only to NIADA Members.

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