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Dealer Bond And Licensing Information » Florida

All motor vehicle and mobile home dealers are required to file a $25,000 Surety Bond.  An irrevocable letter of credit may be substituted for a motor vehicle dealer’s bond.  Recreational vehicle dealers require a $10,000 bond.  For more than four additional lots, MH dealers require $50,000 bond, and RV dealers require $20,000 bond.
Dealer License

Motor vehicle dealers must be licensed. Individual or business selling 3 or more vehicles in one year must have a dealer's license. Licenses are renewed annually.

Dealer types: Franchise, Independent (Used), Wholesale, Auction, Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicles.

Applicants for a Franchised Dealer License must present a sales/service agreement and appointment letter or letters of intent from the manufacturer or distributor. All dealers must submit fingerprint cards upon initial application for a dealer's license.

Dealer License Fees:

$300.00 application fee for all dealers
$39.00 for each fingerprint card
$40.00 for each additional mobile home or recreational vehicle dealer license application
$75.00 renewal fee for Franchise, Wholesale, Independent and Auction Dealers
$140.00 renewal fee for all MH/RV dealers

Independent Motor Vehicle Dealers are required to take a 16hr/2-day Dealer Training Course, for more information, call 888-587-0004.

Contact the Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association for additional information.