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Dealer Bond And Licensing Information » Indiana

Bond not required.
Dealer License

Vehicle Dealer: Must be licensed. Dealer must have a lot, a building not attached to or part of a residence, a display area for at least ten vehicles, a permanent sign with name and hours displayed, garage lia­bility insurance in prescribed limits, and retail merchant certificate number. All classifications of dealers, except whole­salers, must sell at least twelve vehicles per year. Upon application the dealer must present proof of insurance, a photograph of the place of business, and the franchise agreement (required only for new vehicle dealers upon initial ap­plication).

Salvage License: Issued for recyclers, crushers, rebuilders and used parts dealers. Dealer must have three or more inoperable vehicles on the lot. A Salvage License does not grant reassignment privileges. Salvage operators cannot be issued dealer plates unless they meet the required dealer qualifications.

Fee: $ 10.00 annually

Transfer Dealer: Sale of vehicles is incidental to the business. Transfer dealers have restricted dealer plate use.

Fee: $20.00 annually

Whole­saler: Issued for a dealer that sells at least 120 wholesale vehicles per year with no retail sales.

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