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Dealer Bond And Licensing Information » Idaho

A $10,000 bond is required for dealers who sell only motorcycles, ATVs and snow machines; $20,000 for all others.
Dealer License

New dealers must submit an application and present the franchise letter from the manufac­turer. (See Dealer/Salesman's license, Exhibit "D"). New Dealer Code - permanent three-digit number issued. Dealer plates and numbers may be transferred upon sale of the dealership. Used Dealer Code - permanent four digit number issued. Motorcy­cle, ATV, and snowmobile dealer requirements (new and used) are the same as for other dealers. All “used only” dealer applications must pass a written open book test. All renewing used dealers must attend 4 hours of continuing education during the previous year. Dealer's license must be displayed. All applications are investigated.

Dealer License Fees:

$115.00 and $10.00 paid with picture I.D
$100.00 renewal fee
$16.00 new plate
$15.00 salesman application

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