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Dealer Bond And Licensing Information » Maine


Required for all dealers except light trailer and equipment dealers.  Bond amount is established by the number of vehicles sold by the dealership:

Vehicles Sold

Bond Limits









201 and over


Dealer License

A license is required for new and used vehicle dealers. An individual or business sell­ing more than 5 vehicles in a 12-month period, displaying 3 or more vehicles within a 30 day period or buying vehicles for purpose of resale, qualifies as a dealer in Maine . Application is submitted to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The applica­tion must provide the following information: size and location of the lot; the size of the building, display, office and re­pair area. Applications must be signed by all parties and witnessed. The building lease must be valid for at least one year.

Dealer License Fees:

$150.00 filing fee and $150.00 licensing fee (both fees required upon application and renewal)
$150.00 annual renewal

Contact the New England Independent Automobile Dealers Association for additional information.