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Montana Independent Automobile Dealers Association National Independent Automobile Dealers Association
MTIADA-NIADA Membership Dues (1 year membership) - $275

The Montana IADA and NIADA work together for a united cause; to maintain strong associations, better serve the interests of the public, provide educational opportunities for YOU- the member, and preserve a strong legislative and regulatory presence that protects all independent dealers from unnecessary litigation, rule-making or legislation that would prohibit you from serving your customers and the public fairly and honestly.

Below is a brief summary of the Montana IADA services included with your membership. For a more complete listing, please contact the state directly.

    We offer programs to help keep profits:

  • NADA Guide Books Subscription
  • Dealer bond quotes
  • National dealer network ship-tracing contacts
  • Quotes for dealer commercial insurance
  • Discounts on a complete line of legal business forms and other dealer supplies
  • Professional Development

  • MTIADA magazine/newsletter
  • Compliance resources
  • Legislative alerts
  • Dealer education seminars
  • Individual assistance Help Line
  • Networking opportunities with other dealers
  • MTIADA annual convention
  • Representation

  • State lobby and consultant services
  • State legislative & regulatory tracking/reporting
Camilla Haynes
Executive Director

4115 Lone Wolf Lane
Shepherd, MT 59079

All members must agree to abide by the

Code of Ethics:

  • We will have a general duty of integrity, honor and fair dealing toward the general public.
  • We will comply with all city, county, state and federal laws and shall endeavor to keep ourselves informed of those laws governing our business.
  • We will not intentionally injure the business reputation of another member or competitor.
  • We will employ truth and accuracy in advertising and selling.
  • We will stand behind any guarantee given with the sale of a motor vehicle.
  • We will not perform any act which would bring disrepute to the motor vehicle industry.
  • We will expose or halt, where found, any scheme designed to deceive or defraud the automobile buying public and aid in prosecuting those guilty of such acts.
  • We will constantly strive to improve business methods to the end that the public will be better served.
  • We will encourage the American system of free enterprise.

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