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Thank you for all of the generous donations toward the NIADA-PAC Cup and the efforts and donations made during the 2018 NIADA-PAC Cup Challenge raising funds of over $200K. The 2018 Regional Cup Champion is Region 3, represented by Vice President, Scott Allen of Fort Worth, Texas.

Which Region will be next?!

Join in the competition to win the the NIADA-PAC Cup for your region!

The region who raises the most funds for the NIADA-PAC between now and the National Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. this September will win the NIADA-PAC Cup for the year! For more information on how to donate, please see below:

List of Founders(as of November, 2014)


Since 1946, the NIADA has been a strong voice for independent automobile dealers in Washington, D.C. with the U.S. Congress, the White House, federal regulatory agencies, state legislatures and many policy organizations that seek to govern used car dealer operations. That tradition continues today as our Capitol Hill lobbyists and regulatory attorneys daily watch the legislative and regulatory activities coming from our nation’s capital and how they might affect our dealer members and their businesses.

The NIADA Political Action Committee (NIADA-PAC) was instituted to further enhance our efforts to protect the best interests of the used car industry and NIADA’s dealer members around the country. Your contribution to the NIADA-PAC will allow us to work more closely with Congressional members who seek to protect this vital industry and keep the economic engine of our small businesses running strong.

*Making a donation to the NIADA-PAC implies that you understand the purpose of the NIADA-PAC is to promote the interests of the independent automobile industry and that your contribution(s) will be used for a political purpose.

Please note: Contributions to the NIADA-PAC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes and must be made personally (no corporate or company contributions) with your PERSONAL credit card. (Or Personal Check -- if you wish to donate by check, please download the required form and mail to NIADA-PAC.)

How to Donate to the NIADA-PAC:
NIADA-PAC Contributions and/or Pledges require an authorization form on file prior to making your donation:

Please select the method you prefer to make your donation below:

**NIADA Regions competing for the NIADA-PAC Cup 2019 deadline: September 24, 2019
The Region raising the most funds by September each year will have the Region and Year engraved on the NIADA-PAC Cup.

1Contributions to NIADA-PAC are voluntary; no one will benefit or be disadvantaged by the amount contributed or by a decision not to contribute. 2Federal law requires disclosure to the FEC of name, address, employer, and occupation of those who donate more than $200. 3Contributions to NIADA-PAC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. 4Federal election law prohibits NIADA-PAC from accepting corporate contributions.

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