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NIADA-PAC is the Political Action Committee of the National Automobile Dealers Association. NIADA-PAC may only make political contributions to candidates for federal office. Federal law requires NIADA-PAC to obtain written authorization from a member of NIADA prior to soliciting contributions to NIADA-PAC. This requirement applies to solicitations conducted via mail, electronic mail, and solicitations made during meetings and conventions. The NIADA-PAC requests your approval to solicit contributions to the NIADA-PAC and offers the attached form which authorizes us to solicit personal contributions to the NIADA-PAC from you. Completing this authorization does not obligate you in any way to support or contribute to the NIADA-PAC, it simply allows NIADA-PAC to discuss fundraising efforts with you.  Click here to download the form or submit the online form below:

YES - I, hereby give approval for solicitation of certain of its employees to contribute to NIADA-PAC, the political action fund of National Independent Automobile Dealer Association, a trade association of which Company is a member or associate member. Contributions to the NIADA-PAC are voluntary; no one will benefit or be disadvantaged by the amount contributed or by a decision not to contribute. Federal law requires disclosure to the FEC of name, address, employer, and occupation. Contributions to NIADA-PAC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes and must be made personally (no corporate or company contributions).

Please complete this form for the authorized representative from your company authorizing the approval to solicit.

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I understand, by completing this form, I (or my company) must be a member of NIADA and that I am empowered by my company to authorize NIADA-PAC to distribute solicitations for contributions to other executive/employees of my company.